hello. my name is leah and as an occupational therapy practitioner, my purpose and goal are to make access to health and wellness easier for all. i believe all human beings are born with a right to experience wholeness and joy.

i am passionate, involved, and balanced in my practice. my dedication is to general wellness for myself and those around me, including my family and my clients. you can find me sharing and advocating on my instagram (@lifesoccupations) and the life’s occupations blog. you can see me in my real life living out these values, promoting and teaching on pediatric development, safer consumer products, and the importance of mindfulness practice.

you can also find me advocating for healthcare providers’ wellness — in collaboration with Joy Energy Time, a company that supports wellness and burnout prevention for all healthcare workers.

i have been able to work with many clients to learn what is important to them when it comes to their lives and their health. i am experienced in pediatric early intervention, providing support for little ones for developmental milestones and feeding.

connect with me to learn more about how i can support you and/or your little ones in experiencing this life how you are meant to experience it.